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Mackay pallets & crates for export
Mackay Pallet & Crate Manufacturers - Export certified products

Export products, otherwise known as Heat Treated Products, have been manufactured and treated to meet the standards of international export.

Mackay Pallet & Crate Manufacturers are certified by Aus-Qual, and fully comply with the Australian Wood Packaging Certification Scheme (AWPCS). Mackay Pallet & Crate Manufacturers meet the standards which allow us to Heat Treat and Stamp products with an ISPM15 stamp so the product complies with international export standards, ensuring your product has no problems with customs.

Whether you’re using one pallet, 100 pallets, crates, boxes or timbers for export, Mackay Pallet & Crate Manufacturers take the burden of complying with export requirements out of your hands. We will Heat Treat and Stamp your product and supply you with a certificate for hassle free export.

Mackay Pallet & Crate Manufacturers keep export pallets on hand which are available for urgent orders.

If you need more information on manufacturing and treating procedures, as well as our range of stock, please contact us.

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Call Brian and the friendly team at Mackay Pallet & Crate Manufacturers today
We fully cover all warehousing, transport and storage requirements to all areas of the commercial, industrial and mining communities, milling and manufacturing high quality products for local or export use


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With our timber supply and up to date sawmill, we are equipped for pallet orders of just about any size.
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Crates & Boxes
We can custom make to your requirements and use pine or plywood as the construction material depending on requirements.
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At Mackay Pallet & Crate Manufacturers we have been manufacturing skids for well over 40 years.
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Our custom made solutions can be made in various sizes and we can also heat treat and certify for export.


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